The Hockenfur Tangent

The Hockenfur Tangent is now available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. Written by Linda Kingery, narrated by Jim and Linda Kingery, the author has this to say:

This story is composed of reality, fantasy, romance, horror, mystery, philosophy, satire and drama. I haven’t read anything like it, so I wrote it.
I’m glad to know this book is out there and that maybe it will fall into welcoming hands, hearts and heads entirely by chance.
Other hearts, heads and hands are going to be completely freaked out.



Welcome to Capricious Codex!  We’re proud to announce the upcoming publication of Christopher Gary’s book “The Boy Who Was Seen As A Villain.”  Christopher is an author with Autism Spectrum Disorder with a gift for storytelling.  In this book he shares his love for action, humor and breaking the fourth wall.

Here the two narrators of the book introduce a new contender to the problematic and often lamely named title of hero:

Audio Clip:


He stands as tall as a grizzly bear! He has the stance of a great tiger! He has the eyes of a hawk! This man is the fusion of nature and human put into one!

He has cavemen clothing (made of fake leather, of course!) and he has a crude spear to match! His brown hair is unrivaled by any known human! It reaches all the way to his hips and is untameable! His skin has been beaten by the sun, giving him a dark tan! He has no shoes on, what a daring force!

He was raised by wolves and he learned how to communicate and work with animals!

What were the wolves like?

They tried to eat him.


Oh yeah, they were persistent too! He had to hide and run for most of his life while in the jungle! He learned from them how to run, how to hunt, how to bake, how-

Excuse me!?

Long story short, apparently the wolves were trained by a baker before they ate him. They were quite savage.    

Anyway, with some helpful encouragement from the wolves, he learned how to communicate with other animals! He and the animals worked together to fend off the wolves! Now with his amazing strength and cleverness paired with his unbridled relationship with nature, he is known as Anamaly, the great hunter! His favorite quarry: Villains!

However, he now has a crippling case of lupophobia

What is lupophobia?

Fear of wolves.

Oh that poor man.